About the Mock Exam

This mock examination’s purpose is to help learners practice examination skills needed to ensure success. The examinations are set up similarly to those the learners will write in their final sitting and thus allow the learner to build skills such as the following: learning effective examination time management; developing clarity in how to answer questions to get the highest marks; learning to avoid making mistakes; overcoming any exams anxiety and fears; learning to identify key words in questions; paying attention to mark allocations; learning to develop a quick plan on how to approach different types of questions and many more examination skills specific to each individual learner.   

The mock examination results are indicative of many different pointers that can help the learners improve their preparedness for their final examinations. Pointers include any gaps in basic knowledge or any lack in confidence shown in the way a learner responds. A further pointer could include gaps in how a learner has engaged with the material. These gaps can then be filled in before the final examinations thus improving the final outcome. 

igcse level Physics mock Exam

The IGCSE Physics examinations require specific problem-solving skills that need to be mastered. These include all content from the IGCSE Physics syllabus where 

the student is required to remember crucial concepts and perform calculations as well as practical aspects that can be expected in the exam.  

The more practise the students have, the better chance they have of achieving success. The mock examinations thus also provide students more opportunity to practise and succeed.