Adaptive Quizzes

A new approach to testing!

Using the Adaptive Quiz, a teacher can develop assessments that accurately assess the ability of students. Adaptive tests are made up of questions drawn from a question bank and given a difficulty rating. 

 Questions are picked to correspond to the present test-predicted taker's ability level. If the test-taker answers yes to a question, they will be offered with a more difficult question. If a test-taker answers a question poorly, they will be given a less difficult question to answer next. This method will evolve into a series of questions that will all lead to the test-effective taker's ability level. When the test-ability taker's reaches the required level, the test comes to an end.

Beginner Level

A predefined beginning level is set for our Adaptive Test activity. The test will begin with a random question from that level being presented to the test-taker.


The system estimates the target question complexity it will select next when the test taker submits their answer. If you answered the previous question correctly, the next question will be more challenging; if you answered the previous question incorrectly, the next question will be simpler. The method also calculates a measure of the test-ability, taker's as well as its standard error. A new random question is chosen and provided to the user at or near the target difficulty.

Testing Process

Until one of the stopping conditions is fulfilled, the pattern of alternating harder questions after correct answers and softer questions after incorrect responses continues. 

At IVYUK we provide each learner the opportunity to reach their full potential.

We provide adaptive tests to increase academic abilities and not just for the sake of testing!!!