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How to become a teacher

Become part of our educational experts by applying to become a teacher on our platform.

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Become an Instructor on our platform by completing the application form. The variouse tools on our platform will make teaching a breeze. Also, the amount of support and guidance from our academic counsellors wil further assit you in your teaching proffession.

At IVYUK we believe that every child is unique. We also believe that every child can learn providing that he receives ample opportunities to learn. As a result, our platform is set up in such a way that learners are provided opportunities to construct their own knowledge.
All Instructors / Teacher should adhere to the rules as set out in our privacy policy document. Please make sure your fimiliarize yourself with it.
As soon as you are registered, make sure you enroll yourself in the basic course setup courses on our platform. This will provide you with the neccassary knowledge and skills to use our platform.