Who we are

IVY UK is an ed tech hub comprising of Mathematician, Artificial intelligence experts, software developers and learning designers who work together to revolutionize the methodology to teach Mathematics. IVY UK is providing teachers and students with a math engine built on Artificial intelligence, adaptive learning and data analytics.

The Math engine comprises of:

  • Thousands of questions covering core topics in Mathematics
  • Carefully designed questions in order to stimulate higher order thinking
  • Ability for teachers/tutors to create profiles and register students underneath their profile
  • Artificial intelligence whereby predictions are made as to where students are at risk
  • Adaptive learning in order to ensure enhancement of basic and advanced knowledge
  • Detailed reporting with worked out solutions
  • Triggers to parents, tutors and teachers when human intervention is required


Online learning has many advantages when compared to classroom learning. It enables the collection of data on a learner’s progress and performance in each subject.

Ivy UK is an excellent platform, providing practice courses for all students irrespective of their curriculum. The Institution’s online platform is a world-class system. This system has been developed using cutting-edge technology and Artificial Intelligence. Parents and learners can rest assured they will benefit from the best technology in the education industry.


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